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The Board of Directors - Port Zimbali Estate Home Owners Association (NPC) - 2020/21

At the Annual General Meeting of the members of the Association held on 24 October 2020, Avita Harrisunker, Althea Isbister and Marcel Meyer were elected by the members to the Board of the Association for the forthcoming period. We welcome them and look forward to their contributions during the period of their tenure. We take this oportunity to thank Frans Fourie, Willie Mentz and Roubie Wassenaar for the service they rendered to the members as directors during the preceding period. The members also extend their gratitude to the remaining Board members for availing their services to the Association for the forthcoming period.

A Chairman of the Board will be elected in due course. In the interim Mr Callie Hinrichsen, the currently elected Vice-Chairman, will fulfil the role of Chairman of the board.

Members of the Board

Cornel Cloete - Andries Dicks - Avita Harrisunker - Callie Hinrichsen - Dale Hinrichsen - Althea Isbister - Allan Jevon - Owen Jevon - Roger McKee - Marcel Meyer - Louis Pienaar - Peter Smit

These appointments will remain in effect to the next AGM to held during the second half of 2021.

Port Zimbali Estate Home Owners Association - ESTATE MANAGER ARRANGEMENTS - November 2020 - Till further notice

Since the resignation of the Estate Manager, estate manager duties have been fulifilled by members of the Board - in certain instances, members of the Association. These individuals operate on a Portfolio basis, each heading up a sub-committee that reports to the Board.

The decision taken is primarily aimed at reducing costs. We include herein the name and contact email address of the member(s) who have taken responsibility for Estate Manager duties.


Laura Radloff - security@pze.co.za


Dale Hinrichsen - dale@hininc.co.za

Technical - Landscaping and Infrastructure

Peter Smit - petersmit.dbn@gmail.com

Andries Dicks - andries@dno.co.za

The Viking

Roger McKee - rmckee@tiscali.co.za

Laura Radloff - security@pze.co.za


Roger McKee - rmckee@tiscali.co.za

Pet management

Laura Radloff - security@pze.co.za


Colleen McKee - gugu@mweb.co.za

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Owen Jevon - owen@dno.co.za

Member Accounts

Allan Jevon - finserv@hoa.co.za

On behalf of the Members of the Association, the Board extends its gratitude to the members concerned for making themselves available to perform the said duties for the Association.